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This information is subject to change. Passengers are required to check in for flight times.

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Last Updated 30 Aug 2014 03:06

Arrivals From Flight No. S.T.A Flight Information
Edinburgh BE682 08:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1414 08:35 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE730 09:25 Scheduled
Birmingham BE402 09:35 Scheduled
East Midlands BE362 09:45 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9504 09:50 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1418 09:55 Scheduled
Manchester BE472 09:55 Scheduled
London Gatwick EI021 10:15 Scheduled
Southampton BE986 10:35 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9504 10:50 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI031 11:10 Scheduled
London Heathrow AC6901 11:10 Scheduled
Glasgow BE128 12:10 Scheduled
Verona EN400 12:35 Scheduled
London Heathrow US7355 12:40 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1430 12:40 Scheduled
Manchester BE476 12:45 Scheduled
Manchester AF6464 12:45 Scheduled
Birmingham BE406 13:00 Scheduled
Faro EI073 13:10 Scheduled
Aberdeen BE118 13:35 Scheduled
London Gatwick EI023 14:15 Scheduled
Exeter BE494 14:15 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1416 14:20 Scheduled
London Heathrow US7352 14:20 Scheduled
Glasgow BE130 14:40 Scheduled
London Heathrow AC6903 15:25 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI035 15:25 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE686 15:40 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE732 15:45 Scheduled
Cardiff BE282 15:50 Scheduled
Manchester BE478 16:00 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9516 16:40 Scheduled
Manchester EY7025 17:30 Scheduled
Manchester AF6460 17:30 Scheduled
Manchester BE484 17:30 Scheduled
Southampton AF6402 17:35 Scheduled
Southampton BE996 17:35 Scheduled
East Midlands BE366 18:05 Scheduled
Birmingham BE412 19:15 Scheduled
Birmingham AF6554 19:15 Scheduled
Newquay BE742 19:55 Scheduled
Manchester EY7027 20:20 Scheduled
Manchester BE488 20:20 Scheduled
Manchester AF6456 20:20 Scheduled
Glasgow BE132 20:20 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI037 20:40 Scheduled
Malaga EI049 20:50 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1426 21:15 Scheduled
London Heathrow US7353 21:15 Scheduled
Palma Mallorca EI055 21:25 Scheduled