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Baggage Limits

New limits on the weight of bags came into force on 1st December 2004.

Hold Baggage

Regulations now in force across the UK restrict to 32 kilos the maximum weight for bags which are being loaded into aircraft holds. From the 1st December 2004 onwards, a bag presented at check-in which weighs 32 kilos or more will not be accepted, and the passenger will be asked to reduce the weight of the bag before it can be checked in for travel.

These regulations have been introduced to improve the health and safety conditions for staff involved in the manual handling of baggage. Your co-operation in minimising the weight of your baggage will be very much appreciated.

Airlines differ in the limitations that they put on weight and size of checked luggage. Please check the limitations with your airline prior to travelling.

Cabin Baggage

Department for Transport (DFT) regulations limiting the size of cabin baggage come into force on 5th July 2006. UK Airports and their airline partners have been asked by the DFT to ensure passengers adhere to these limits. These restrictions limit the size of hand luggage allowed on board an aircraft. Airlines differ in the limitations they put on the weight and size of bags which are permitted to be carried in aircraft cabins. Passengers are therefore advised to check the limitations with their airline prior to travelling.

Passengers using check-in desks will have their cabin baggage checked for size.

Passengers using e-ticket machines should check their bag in the gauge adjacent to the machines and internet check-in passengers should also ensure that they comply.

Click here to download baggage limits pdf